Web applications — what are they and why should you use them?

Most of us think that everything that is hidden under the web address is a website. It turns out to be a big mistake, because more and more often we find web applications through the browser. What is an application available from the browser? How does it differ from a website? Why is it worth creating web applications? We answer these and other questions in the following article.
A static website and an interactive web application

The main feature that distinguishes a website from a web application is that the former is created on static HTML or CSS. It serves an informative function and the user is not able to interact in any way. A web application, on the other hand, is created using a variety of programming languages. It allows the user to take various actions on the website by interacting with him. It also allows the user to establish direct contact with the owner of the site or with the people who operate it. In other words, an application is a program that the user accesses via the Internet, specifically via a web browser.

Practical features of a web application

What constitutes the advantage of a web application is certainly its functionality from the owner’s perspective. The application can be expanded very easily by adding more lines of code. For a skilled programmer, adding new functionalities is very easy. Moreover, the applications are secure due to central data collection. What is important, the application is user friendly:

It is independent of the system used by the client – Applications dedicated to devices must be compatible with the systems that support them software house. However, in the case of web applications, this is not necessary, because the user uses them through a web browser, which is equipped with any device with Internet access. Although a specific technology is usually necessary to run the application, it is not a problem for any electronic device. We are talking here about such common technologies as JavaScript or Adobe Flash.

It allows for efficient user service – the system of booking theater tickets or hotel accommodation makes the user service fast and efficient. This means both an advantage for the customer and for the service provider. Lack of such functionality would mean having to send a message or make a phone call to a given facility in order to book the said ticket or accommodation. What’s more, inherent in web applications are also live chats, allowing you to contact an advisor in real time.

It is adaptable to all kinds of devices — in order to make a website equally friendly to computers and mobile devices, it is necessary to make a mobile version or ensure that the website is responsive. Both activities are time-consuming and require a lot of work. Adapting a web application for all kinds of devices is much simpler. It literally takes a skilled developer a while.

Marketing advantage of a web application over a website

One cannot forget about the marketing advantage of an app over a website. The thing is that the application looks much more professional, mainly due to the fact that it is more developed. Users value apps more than websites, which directly translates into them spending more time at a given address. Moreover, they appreciate the brand of a given company more.

Website with application function

As mentioned earlier, there are basically two criteria by which you can recognize whether there is an application or a website at a given address. These are:

  • the programming languages used
  • interactivity of the website

However, as it turns out, identification of an address as an application or a website is not always obvious. Informational websites are sometimes created using various programming languages. What is more, they can also be partially interactive. So keep in mind that ultimately the distinction between applications and sites is somewhat conventional. It is worth explaining it using concrete examples.

For example, a typical website can be a photographer’s website, which contains information about him, his services and contact details. However, there is no possibility to make a direct contact through the website or to book an appointment for a photo session. It is just a fully static, business card website. An example of the application can be, for example, a website used for ordering food with delivery from various restaurants. In this case, basically all the user’s presence at the given web address is reduced to interaction. A combination of a website and an application can be an Internet address of a cinema or a theater. We are talking about websites, where there is information about the object, premieres and contact details, but at the same time there are single functionalities allowing interaction, such as the ability to book tickets from the page.


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