Crowdfunding platform with research projects

The emergence of crowdfunding platforms has proven to be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurship, art, entertainment and social projects.

In recent decades, crowdfunding has become a popular way to raise funds for projects such as new games, movies or music videos, community-oriented enterprises, mobile applications and more. But can the scientific area also benefit from this type of funding? Are crowdfunding platforms a place where scientists can turn to look for support for their research or to develop and commercialize their inventions? It may turn out to be just an area of untapped potential.

Crowdfunding platform with research projects

Traditional methods, such as grants from government or academic institutions, have their limitations. And so, more and more people see the potential of crowdfunding in commercializing scientific projects.

Even some universities began to encourage their researchers to organize crowdfunding campaigns. However, this topic causes a lot of debate. Various sites argue about the potential benefits, but also concerns about using crowdfunding websites as a platform to invest in science.

Crowdfunding platforms for funding research projects are still rather scarce and unpopular. In addition to platforms like and The Open Source Science Project, people looking to fundraise for patents can turn to general purpose websites like Kickstarter. However, the interest in investing in science in these places remains rather niche. Additionally, because these platforms do not specialize in crowdfunding for scientists, they may not meet the needs of scientists and innovators.


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